Lean on R & D

The founder of the Apple might know how to produce masterpiece product. However not so many companies were successful to do the same. Why? We think the difficulty exists in the uncertainty during the development. We might have quite a lot of prototypes. However it would be difficult for general management to choose the right one. That's why genius engineers quit their stubborn company that is killing the prospective masterpiece product and establishing their own venture company starting from the garages. If you have less confidence than that visionary and creative genius, then we support you for your right decision by scientific way.

Life Cycle Cost estimation

You have many prototypes on your list for your next product. You need to choose the right one as R & D manager. One way is to calculate the total life cycle cost (lcc) of each prototype. If you select the cheapest model, it would be appealing to the majority of the customers. However there are the difficulties to calculate it in the right way because of the uncertainty. You might have calculated it like the graph above left. However you also know the result would be varied depending on the assumptions like the graph right. The fuel price might be changing. The currency rate as well. The security factor was less important before the September eleven incident. If you had difficulty to handle those uncertainties, call us.


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