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Refining your existing approach to develop a world class Management System to suit your organization and its goals, as no companies are alike. KAIZEN Management System: KMS (refer the picture below) helps any organizations attain their goals, by also adopting what can be learnt from the Toyota Production System.

Reviewing and understanding your value streams to determine potential losses and waste (MUDA) and providing practical improvement solutions.

Developing a continuous improvement framework through Coaching and Training programs tailored to your organizational specific requirements.

Facilitation of improvement Workshops to increase awareness and acceptance of change through process improvement (e.g. Lean manufacturing. Total Service Management, Total Productive Maintenance, SMED, 5S, Kobetsu KAIZEN etc.)

The worldwide KAIZEN-Management-System (KMS) for sustainable profit and growth

Kaizen Management System - KMS

There are many isolated initiatives that can deliver short term improvements for a company. However, to achieve sustained long term success it is essential that all facets of a company are approached in a systematic manner, based on world class methodologies.

As the picture above, KAIZEN Management System contributes to the overall success of a company. Based on the Toyota Production System (refer the picture below) key areas for focus are; quality, costs, logistics, staff motivation, safety, technology and the environment. Every aspect of the value chain is addressed - from the external supplier, through a company‚Äôs internal processes, finally to the end customer.

The KAIZEN Management System Audit encompasses all significant aspects of a company. This audit serves to determine which Lean tools will deliver the greatest gains during the KAIZEN process.

It is important to establish a culture of continuous improvement throughout the entire company. All staff members, from shop floor to the boardroom, should be involved and trained in KAIZEN methodologies, developing a KAIZEN management culture which will ensure its long term success.

Toyota Production System (TPS)


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