Lean Assessment

Positive, profitable impact on your business.

Kaizen Institute Hong Kong’s Lean Assessment helps your organization identify key operational issues to increase productivity, improve work in capital, reduce cost, lead time reduction impacting business bottom line performance and customer satisfaction.

Our Lean Assessment provides you with the information and road map you need to:

  • Define a logic action plan for total Lean transformation with goals and resources to execute Lean improvement activities in key areas of the Value Stream
  • Pinpoint opportunities to improve business performance in the next 4-6 months.
  • Inventory analytics to identify inventory reduction opportunities, excess of materials and potential obsolescence. Inventory analytics will establish replenishment criteria for Key SKU’s BTO or BTR.
  • Define an operational strategy based on Pull concepts

The Lean Assessment will review:

  •  Value Stream Analysis for one key product family
  • Data Analysis for Pilot product Family 
    • Process Information and mapping
    • Inventory information
    • Scheduling process Mapping
    • Warehouse and Distribution Mapping
  • Indentify Key areas of opportunities with tangible benefits
  • Define Road Map to execute lean transformation for next 4-6 months.


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