We have 3 main services to transform your company Lean.

        1. The Lean training

        2. The Lean Kaikaku (改革) tour

        3. The Lean consulting

 Whether it is a Lean diagnosis through a KAIZEN Audit or the implementation of a continuous improvement strategy, you are guaranteed up to date global methodologies, delivered with the utmost competence.


The steps of the Lean training start from

1.     One day course on what is lean and how it applies to me. 

2.     3 day course on value-stream mapping and seeing the opportunities

3.     5 day course on applying lean principles on a gemba (5S etc) 

Then continue to the strategy course. You will see what is the waste, and the value.

For the intensive learners, there is a Kaizen College to learn more details. Singapore division provide the Kaizen College course around Far East area.


We offer an end-to-end (system) focused, Enterprise Value Stream Transformation. We analyze all activities in multiple value streams to determine their value and non-value (waste). Based on that, we develop an Enterprise Implementation Plan that details how the waste will be systematically eliminated.

Duration: Typically 2 - 5 years, depending on your needs, although the Lean Journey is neverending.

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11 Mass Data Analysis

Are you from the FMCG industry? Are you in trouble with SAP data analysis? Our team will salvage you from the flood of mass data and bring you to a clear viewpoint. We will bring back control to your database management.

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13 Lean R & D

One of Lean's latest inroads is in R & D. If too many prototype options are slowing down your mass production decision, we will provide you with the numeric statistical analysis to support your clear judgement on your next path.

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15 Business Process Outsourcing

What are your company's core competences? If the non-core portion reflects a  huge deficit, you may want to consider outsourcing that function. But how much of your functions should your outsource? KICG worldwide network will provide you the best outsourcing plan from the best country. Especially we have strong network around Hong Kong, Singapore, all Asian countries.

17 Databse System Integration

The IT network is the powerful tool to unite your business spread to many geographical areas. However, is your budget preventing you to order a database system from the big IT companies? We can provide you with a reasonable system that will serve as your hub to many locations.

19 Karakuri low cost automation development

Karakuri is low cost automation. We will help your Gemba operators invent simple gadgets and equipment for almost no money with just the use of their brain and hands in the Lean way.


See how top companies implement KAIZEN, TPM, JIT, Flow Management or KAIZEN in the Service Industry and the Public Sector.

Our insightful tours provide an opportunity to visit a World Class company and be inspired to adopt some of the principles. The tour also provides a forum for the exchange of knowledge and experience with peers from a variety of different industries.

The KAIZEN Institute Benchmarking Tours are a “must” for anyone embarking on a Lean journey.

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10 Lean Assessment

Our Lean Assessment helps you identify key operational issues to increase productivity, improve working capital, reduce costs, and reduce lead time all of which impact business bottom line performance and customer satisfaction.

Duration: 1-3 days, determined by your needs and depth of assessment

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12 Lean Supply Chain Management

We propose the right procurement policy to minimize both the risk of overstocking and the worry of out-of-stock situations by being solvent and not losing opportunities of sales.

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14 Supply Chain Finance

Are you the dealing with many suppliers? Are you scared of your suppliers going bankrupt? Is your loss huge if your supply chain were interrupted? Even if big corporations survive an economical turmoil, your SME suppliers may not. If your suppliers are suffering from bad credit ratings and lines, you can protect them financially with bank partnerships at no cost for you. We will draw up a scheme to help you prepare for the SCM risk.

16 Databse System Integration

Is your budget preventing you to order a database system from the big IT companies? We can provide you with a reasonable system that will serve as your hub to many locations.

18 Strategy Building

A big consulting firm may give you a beautiful strategy for a lot of money, which however, may not be realistic to your current state. Meanwhile, KICG watch your operation first that shows the corporate ability. Therefore our strategy for you would be feasible one based on your current position. We will help you build brick by brick strategic path with the Kaizen philosophy that will enable change management.

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