Parts supply automation

An example of the Karakuri automation.

There are the parts supply flow besides the assembly line shown as pink arrow in the illustration.

On this parts supply conveyor, trays are moving like this picture. The tray of parts are supplied and move to the assembly line. On the other hand, the vacant tray will come out from the line side.

The parts supply worker have to swap the trays. However they tray is heavy if filled with parts. Easy to damage his/her back. Ergonomically un-preferable and time consuming. Also risky to damage the parts by dropping the tray on the floor.

Therefore this kind of Karakuri tray switcher works. You can use either the AGV (automated guided vehicle), or just a cart by human.

This kind of parts are famous to create those kind of Karakuri works.

Several famous Japanese companies supply the high quality aluminum pipes for this purpose.


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