Lifter 01

Mechanical dynamics education 013.

The application of ratchet mechanism for lifting function. Once the pawl at the bottom of plier hooked the nail that is located to the stuff you want to lift, you can lift up until the plier is opened. Any reciprocal power source (described in other movies) can drive this system.

Planetary geared Piston 01

Mechanical dynamics education 014.

The application of rack and pinion/Crank, and planetary gear movement. From the rotation to the reciprocation. The power source rotation is red wheel. The black outer gear is static. The green planetary gear is put onto red wheel at yellow axis. The white dot is just the marker.

Ratchet 01

Mechanical dynamics education 015.

The application of rack and pinion/Crank to ratchet mechanism. From the rotation to the reciprocation, and to the Ratchet.The gear only rotates one way due to the pawl.


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